References - GoShopfit - Shop fitting solutions created with our customers
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references - alonestanding shop fitting store shelves


We have a close cooperation with our customers.

Below you find some of the statements our valuable customer’s have made during our teamwork, on projects we have optimized together:


”…………working with GoShopfit it is really a pleasure and very easy for us – I have been working with the people behind goshopfit since 2008 – and we trust them a lot – despite the time difference to far east – replies and solutions are provided very often overnight so in fact it is very convenient for us – we see on time delivery and quality as a very important issue and goshopfit keep those parameters as high priorities - we hope we can develop more business with goshopfit also in the future”……….

Fredrik Jönsson, Platschef/Site Manager, AWAL DISPLAY AB
Logo COP project

”…….working with GoShopfit is a fast way to connect to Asia opportunities – I use goshopfit when I have project that requies low prices and fast solutions…

Alexander Osterwald, Manager, COP Project

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