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About us - Flexible retail store shelves

About us

Important Stuff About Us

Since 2008 GoShopfit has worked internationally with shop fitting, making the professional development of solutions and standards for our customers.

We are successfully being the best partner for retail shops for custom-made shop fitting solutions. With a flexible approach our starting point is that nothing is impossible, but still we keep a very quick 24 hours response time from the time your request hits us.

Our customers appreciate that we listen and understand their needs and concerns. We help turn their ideas into reality, challenge all aspects of the project, big or small, and ensure low cost without compromises of quality or functionality. GoShopfit makes your choices both easy and safe.

We work in all materials – metal, wood, acrylic, glass, fabric and printing. We can’t wait to hear about your ideas and might add some you have never thought of.

Best Regards

Your GoShopfit Team.

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If you have a request

you find our contact information here:

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Help customers
turn ideas into reality

It is never an easy task to convert ideas into reality. It can be very difficult.

One of our main strength is our ability to innovate and find new solutions. Combine it with our comprehensive experience and you get the best possible solution.

Listen to customers
to understand their concerns

All our customers have different needs and specifications the must meet. To be successful in very competitive markets, where customers increasingly have the power and possibility to buy anywhere.

How they layout and equip their retail stores with customer made solution are critical to attract customers and encourage them to visit the stores.

Ensure low cost
without compromise on quality and functionality

We have a lean organisation and procedures to minimise costs.  And a range of suppliers, who have competitive fights over each of our orders.

And to ensure that the quality is exactly as we want it, we supervise each order closely from start to delivery and assembly in the stores.

Thomas Vestergaard

E-mail: thomas@goshopfit.com
phone: +45 6070 6272

MD Asia
Peter Lee

e-mail: peter@goshopfit.com
phone: +86 137 6457 5000

Much more than this, please kindly feel free to contact us for any inquiry: